Photo-Kicks is known across the nation for its award-winning achievement in the visual arts. The Photo-Kicks mixture of amazing action photography, stunning crisp graphics and extensive knowledge in aerial athletics propelled the company to a level of national recognition in their first couple years. Photo-Kicks mixes martial arts, gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, acrobatics and motion sports – all with Hollywood-style pop and sizzle.

Martial arts school photography is more than a challenge for even the seasoned photographer. Simply put, it’s a niche situation that should be left to a fully staffed and experienced professional martial arts photography company. You have so much to gain by seeking a professional martial arts school photography company and so much to lose if you gamble in this area. Proper, efficient marketing is one of the most important ways of helping martial arts schools grow, and Photo-Kicks is a marketing agent for hundreds of martial arts schools across the nation.

Additionally, Photo-Kicks offers extensive portfolio samples and a daily 9-to-5 toll-free live customer service to handle reorders from your students and parents.

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